EAM Consulting and Acceleration

EAM Management and Acceleration: The Future of Managed Services

With over 20 years of experience in working with Enterprise Architecture teams, we've seen it all around how companies use Enterprise Architecture Management Systems. Leverage our experience to help bring focus and value to your Enterprise Architecture Management system, reinvigorate existing instances, or help you select and implement an EAM and get you to value quickly.


Hartford Consulting Group provides a wide array of services, from helping implement systems, be the eyes, ears, and boots on the ground to help manage data and put that data to work to enable your EA and Digital Transformation initiatives and practice, to providing specialized consulting around key Digital Drivers like AI, Cloud Migration, Application Rationalization, and Technical Debt.

Supporting Capability Based Planning
Increasingly we see organizations look for ways to better align their systems to what their business units do, and using that relationship to help drive their digitalization roadmaps. We recognize that this is a key component of not only providing a clear vision for IT, but also help them be viewed as partners with their business counterparts. Hartford Consulting Group can help you develop an efficient and repeatable practice that can help drive this, and allow the organization to view IT in a business context. Some things that this entails are:
Mapping, Scoring, and Aligning your Capability Model to Strategies and Assets
  • Move your Capability Model from an excel spreadsheet to a structured, hierarchical, and interactive manner that will allow you to see the overall structure which you can then drill down to find more information.
  • Bring together the “why” and “how”; Supercharge your capability model by defining the processes that enable these capabilities.
  • Score each capability based on qualitative or quantitative measures. Use this scoring model to prioritize key opportunities for improvement.
Identifying Gaps, Opportunities, and Redundancies in IT’s Support of Your Business Alignment
  • Take your capability analysis to the next level. Hartford Consulting Group specializes in mapping IT Assets such as applications, servers, data, and third-party technologies to business capabilities and processes, giving you critical insight into how IT is currently supporting each capability and process.
  • Use this insight to better understand, prioritize and focus IT on the areas that will provide the biggest benefit to the Organization.
Creating a High-Level Transformation Execution Strategy
  • Lay out the overall Transformation strategy into tangible sub-strategies that can be arranged hierarchically and create traceability between sub-strategies.
  • Plan, Prioritize, and define the execution strategy for projects aimed at transforming.
  • For each project, model high-level solutions to compare and contrast approaches to answering the claims transformation question.
  • Tie each strategy and project to IT Assets such as applications, servers, data, and third-party technologies
Providing Ongoing Implementation Support
  • Along the way, HCG will constantly monitor, refine, and update the information used to drive the decisions made
Integration Support
Being able to integrate your Planning, Architecture, and Operational systems are key to not only unlocking the potential of each system involved but to paint a complete picture of what you have as an enterprise and how you can move your Digitalization journey forward. Hartford Consulting Group has extensive experience in integrating each system into your EAM, understanding that it’s not just about the mechanism, but the process, people, and data involved in the initial entry, maintenance, and transportation of data. In this we also develop integration roadmaps,  helping customers introduce integrations as they mature over time.